Benefits: Why should you move your business to the Startup Garage?

Office space flexibility with:

  • A low cost, one month opportunity to try it out
  • Affordable, month to month leasing
  • Ability to add or reduce tables as needed
  • Open access to conference rooms

Community based culture with energy and focus that:

  • Increases the productivity of your team
  • Allows businesses to mix through co-locating
  • Builds a social fabric to support each other’s success

Organic coaching to help foster a business minded approach to entrepreneurship with support from:

  • Experienced entrepreneurs Rich Sheridan and James Goebel, founders of Menlo Innovations
  • Fellow Garage businesses
  • Startup Garage alumni
  • Local entrepreneurial partners (SPARK, TechArb)
  • Startup Garage manager, Christina Carmichael
  • Monthly Founders' Meeting that brings all of these supporters together

Networking and warm leads among Menlo’s extensive connections including areas such as:

  • Market research
  • Organizational development
  • Software design and development
  • Accounting support
  • Legal advice and more

Exposure for your business through frequent tours and other visitors to the Menlo "Factory" that:

  • Brings 4,000+ people annually to the Garage
  • Leads to potential collaborators and investors, as well as prospective customers

Access to SPARK’s resources, such as:

  • Grants
  • Entrepreneur workshops
  • Real estate services (once you’re ready)
  • Recruiting
  • The diverse network of A2 incubators
The startup garage gave us a collaborative place to work when we were in need of a place to call home. They were incredibly welcoming to our entire team… Their tours led us to potential customers and even connections to future hires.
— Danny Ellis, CEO SkySpecs
The garage was a unique and safe place to figure out that everything I knew about launching a biotech startup was wrong. Learning is this place’s oxygen.
— John Younger, Co-Founder Akadeum Life Sciences
There is an unspoken rule against messing around; being around companies that are focused on execution makes you more focused, and fosters a culture of execution.
— Ansgar Strother, Co-Founder and CEO A2BBikeshare