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Join the downtown A2 coworking space dedicated to helping early stage startups make an impact

Rental Details

  • Rent your own table(s), month by month

    • Rent 1 table, 2 chairs per table: $250/month

    • Additional tables: $125/month each (up to 4)

    • Pricing of 5 or more tables by agreement

  • Flexible access in downtown Ann Arbor

    • Open access 8am to 6pm M-F

    • 24/7 access available (for incorporated businesses) with key card: $50/card

  • Shared resources included at no additional charge

    • Flexible, open meeting areas

    • Conference rooms with white boards

    • Kitchen

    • Copier/scanner

    • Wifi/electricity


Visit the Garage

Contact us to explore what the Startup Garage offers and whether this community might be a mutual fit for your company!
(734) 665-1847

Located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor

505 East Liberty,
Lower Level (under FedEx)                    
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Just down the street from SPARK

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Benefits: Why should you move your business to the Startup Garage?

Office space flexibility with:

  • A low cost, one month opportunity to try it out
  • Affordable, month to month leasing
  • Ability to add or reduce tables as needed
  • Open access to conference rooms

Community based culture with energy and focus that:

  • Increases the productivity of your team
  • Allows businesses to mix through co-locating
  • Builds a social fabric to support each other’s success

Organic coaching to help foster a business minded approach to entrepreneurship with support from:

  • Experienced entrepreneurs Rich Sheridan and James Goebel, founders of Menlo Innovations
  • eLab Ventures, the early stage technology venture capital fund, co-located in the Garage
  • Fellow Garage businesses
  • Local entrepreneurial partners (SPARK, TechArb)
  • Startup Garage alumni
  • Founders' Meetings that bring these supporters together

Networking and warm leads among Garage peers and Menlo’s connections including areas such as:

  • Fundraising
  • User research and building a customer base
  • Software design and development
  • Accounting support, legal advice and more

Exposure for your business through frequent tours and other visitors to the Menlo "Factory" that:

  • Brings 3,000+ people annually to the Garage
  • Leads to potential collaborators and investors, as well as prospective customers

Access to SPARK’s resources, such as:

  • Grants 
  • SPARK.ed entrepreneurial discussions and workshops (within walking distance)
  • Real estate services (once you’re ready)
  • Recruiting
  • The diverse network of A2 incubators
The startup garage gave us a collaborative place to work when we were in need of a place to call home. They were incredibly welcoming to our entire team… Their tours led us to potential customers and even connections to future hires.
— Danny Ellis, CEO SkySpecs
The garage was a unique and safe place to figure out that everything I knew about launching a biotech startup was wrong. Learning is this place’s oxygen.
— John Younger, Co-Founder Akadeum Life Sciences
There is an unspoken rule against messing around; being around companies that are focused on execution makes you more focused, and fosters a culture of execution.
— Ansgar Strother, Co-Founder and CEO A2BBikeshare

Who's here: Meet the A2 Startup Garage portfolio of companies


OUR Current companies

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Our story: Why did we start the Garage?

When a part time inventor first makes the leap to turn their idea into a full fledged business venture, there are many unknowns:  How should we approach early funding?  How do we balance product development with revenue generation?  How quickly will we grow?  And as Ansgar Strother, co-founder of local startup A2B Bikeshare, recently said, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”   Add to all of this, in a real estate market like Ann Arbor, acquiring initial office space under these conditions can be a challenge.

Inspired by their own journey in co-founding the tech company Menlo Innovations, and ability to relate to the current challenges of early stage startups, Rich Sheridan and James Goebel decided to run an experiment.  Starting back in 2012, they opened Menlo’s doors to companies needing their first out of home office, inviting them to set up their own pod alongside the various Menlo project teams.  

3 years and 5+ successful companies later, the experiment graduated to a dedicated startup co-working space in June 2015.   It’s directly connected to Menlo through a set of glass paneled garage doors, evoking the journey from inventor to full-time entrepreneur.  The early stage technology venture capital firm, eLab Ventures, resides within it.  The University of Michigan’s Tech Arb, a student startup accelerator, is located next door.  

The close proximity to Menlo Innovations is intentional to share the energy and buzz of the open and collaborative environment Menlo embodies, as well as access to more resources, proven processes, and a culture of innovation.  It also exposes each startup company to the 4000+ annual visitors who come to experience Menlo firsthand, as Menlo tours include a visit through the Garage.  

With the expansion of the dedicated co-working space, companies have freedom to establish their own company identity and room to grow, as well as greater access to conference rooms, phone booths, and other resources.  It also provides increased capacity:  15 - 20 companies can reside at the Startup Garage, including services, consulting, and a limited number of manufacturing teams.


Meet the Founders


Rich is the author of Joy, Inc:  How we built a workplace people love.  He serves on advisory boards at the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, Hacker Fellows, and SPARK, and was the United Way of Washtenaw County 2015 Campaign Chair.  In addition, Rich serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship, and is on the National Advisory Board for the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at University of Michigan.


James serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship.  He also serves on the advisory board for the dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University.  Throughout his career, he has mentored dozens of startups as well as executives of large companies.

Curious about Menlo Innovations?

Menlo Innovations is an innovative consulting company serving the tech industry through:

  • Education and training 
  • Cultural transformation
  • Software design work to achieve user adoption
  • Software development work that maximizes quality and project management agility
Menlo's mission:  End human suffering as it relates to the creation and use of technology.